Somalia has been plagued by civil war, insurgency and instability for over ten years.  This has taken a serious toll on the Somali National Army (SNA), with many hundreds of Somali soldiers killed in the service of their country.  It has left behind countless widows and children.

To try and address this suffering, the SNA established an orphanage in Mogadishu for 2,200 widows and children; however, the facilities are extremely basic.  There are few permanent buildings and families have to build their own shelters.  Also, with little protection from mosquitoes, malaria is a huge health problem.

Given the extremely challenging security situation, it is incredibly difficult for charities to gain access into Somalia and particularly the SNA’s orphanage.  However, facilitated by unique in-country access, The Lady R Foundation was privileged to have the opportunity to provide 1,000 mosquito nets and 500 items of clothing to those in the orphanage.  In addition, tables, chairs, white boards, pens and books were given to facilitate the development of the fledgling school in the orphanage.

In addition, The Lady R Foundation was delighted to be able to send aid to Baidoa, a small city in the south of Somalia (220 kilometres from Mogadishu).  This was to support the widows and children of one of the SNA’s divisions who have endured particularly challenging conditions.  In this remote rural location, exacerbated by insecurity, natural disasters and heavy rains, the living conditions for many was perilously poor – with many not having a permanent structure to live in.  To help, The Lady R Foundation provided numerous mosquito nets to those that needed them and 500 tarpaulin covers for families to make waterproof homes.

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